Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Week on Legal Talk Network (7/21/14)

Hello. This is Laurence Colletti for This Week on Legal Talk Network. On Monday, New Solo host Adriana Linares interviews practice management experts Reba Nance and Bill Gibson about business steps new lawyers need to take to optimize their chances for success. Here's a preview- On Wednesday, Christopher Anderson from the Un-Billable hour interviews expert analyst Brooke Lively about the 6 key financial numbers that every lawyer should know. And on Friday, we finish the week with Lawyer 2 Lawyer - our host J Craig Williams interviewing Tennessee House Representative Mike Carter and Legal Director Thomas H. Castelli from the ACLU, discussing Tennessee's new law that adds criminal liability to mothers who do illegal drugs while pregnant. So tune in. It's all right here . . . This Week on Legal Talk Network.


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